a brief history of naunton park
compiled by Ann Gibson


historical details

early days at naunton park primary school

memories of the garden

friends of naunton park

map of the area

Acknowledgements and thanks are due to:

Penny Howarth for her patience and help in typing the script.

John Milner, without whom this booklet would not have been written, for his support.

Simon Lee, Head of Parks and Landscape at Cheltenham Borough Council, who gives continuing encouragement to Friends of Naunton Park.

Bronwen Gwynn at Cheltenham Borough Council for production of finished artwork and design advice.

David Hanks of Cotswold Images for the photographs.

James Wilson of the Department of Landscape and Design, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, and his students.

Martin Wood, ex Headteacher, Naunton Park School.

Those members of FNP who have lent photographs and given me information.

The many local residents for their memories: some of which are very clear, others, on their own admission, are rather hazy as "it was a long time ago"!

Ann Gibson - Editor