a brief history of naunton park:


historical details

early days at naunton park primary school

memories of the garden

friends of naunton park

map of the area

The following text is about the history of the recreation ground and gardens of Naunton Park.
It has been compiled with the help of Mr John Milner who has supplied the historical details, and many local residents (some of whom have moved away from Cheltenham and have written to us) who have drawn on their memories of the gardens and the recreation field.

A chapter on Naunton Park School in the early days by Martin Wood, the ex Headteacher, is included. The school, by virtue of its proximity to the gardens and recreation field, has close links with Naunton Park and several of the local residents were once pupils at the school. Sports Days were - and are - held on the field and the pupils use the field for games throughout the year.

Cheltenham is well known for its parks and gardens, and has been, in the past, a winner of the Britain in Bloom competition. However, in recent years, the money allocated to the town parks budget has, in real terms, been reduced, making it difficult for the Leisure Directorate, which manages parks and gardens, to carry out anything more than basic maintenance for some of the gardens, of which Naunton Park is one.